We, Foshan Naihai Xingtuo Precise Machinery Co., Ltd,  commit ourselves to supply our customers with quality service and competitive prices. We aim to help our customers to realize their projects and/or products to be made in China or find what they want in China.
We have our own manufacturers and have trained and developed many quality cooperators for spindle and spindle parts.
We have a team who are dedicated, passionate, and well experienced. Thanks to their hard work, they help the companies grow in the crude economical environment in the past ten years.

Our own manufacturer:
Xingtuo:  http://www.eejacn.com   http://xingtuo.en.alibaba.com/
Foshan Xingtuo High-Speed Electric Motor Co., Ltd was established in 2007 and focuses on the design and manufacturing of motor spindles and series components.
In the past many years, we have trained and developed many quality and cooperators in cnc machinery industry. We have had robust experience in the wood engraving spindle,metal milling spindle,stone turning spindle,PCB milling spindle,dental milling drilling spindle etc.

We believe
Quality is a kind of behavior. It is a habit, said by Aristotle.
Quality is never occasional and it is the outcome of wisdom and hard work, said by John Raskin.

Xingtuo successfully helped many CNC manufacturers with its project of our spindles localization in China more than 13 years right now,

Also supplied other products and service for those companies, DMTG,SMTCL,DMG, etc. 

Our core capability lies in specialized manufacturers and long term coordinators in China.

Kevin Qiu, board member and sales manager, mechanical master degree holder, has over 30 years experience in modern manufacturing technology and factory management. He used to be a mould/die designer, engineer, production superintendent, factory manager and general manager in USA and UK invested manufacturing companies in China. He has successfully managed an UK wholly own manufacturing company for 7 year and made it be a quite competitive and cost saving company, compared in the group company, and was well recognized by the CEO in London. He has help establish and transfer products in China for the American companies of AveryDenison, Springfield Wire, Chicago Metallurgy, and UK company of Colt Group. He has successfully completed many big projects for these companies in the past. He is good at company management, quality assurance system establishment and control, project management, the communication between China and foreigners, and speaks good English and mandarin.

Luke Li, board member and the operation manager, mechanical bachelor degree holder, has over 20 years experience in modern manufacturing technology and factory management. He is well experienced with the management in foreign companies and China private companies and masters robust manufacturing experience of machinery, die/mould, etc. He was trained as the die techniques and manager respectively in USA and Germany. He is good at team building and daily factory management. He speaks good English and mandarin.

Tomac Tang

Project Engineer

Jack Lin

Production Supervisor

Paul Huang

Project Engineer

Mingsi Deng

Eliza Fan
Sales Supervisor

   Christie Wu

      Sales Supervisor