Application of high speed motorized spindle in machine tool industry

Application of high speed motorized spindle in machine tool industry

Dec 21, 2020

Application of high speed motorized spindle in machine tool industry

Simplify structure and promote modularization of machine tool structure

The motorized spindle can be standardized and serialized according to its use, structure, performance parameters and other characteristics, which can be used by the host machine to promote the modular structure of the machine tool.

Reduce the cost of machine tools and shorten the development cycle of machine tools

On the one hand, standardized and serialized motorized spindle products are easy to form a professional, large-scale production, but also can shorten the development cycle of machine tools, adapt to the current rapid and changeable market trend.

Improve machine performance and reliability

The CNC machine tool with motorized spindle structure improves the reliability of the machine tool due to its simplified structure and reduced transmission and connection links; the functional components of the motorized spindle with mature technology, perfect function, excellent performance and reliable quality make the performance of the machine tool more perfect and the reliability can be further improved.

Special requirements of some high-grade CNC machine tools

Some high-end CNC machine tools, such as parallel motion machine tool, pentahedron machining center, small hole and super small hole machining machine tools, must use motorized spindle to meet the perfect functional requirements. It promotes the wide application of high-speed cutting technology in the field of mechanical processing. The motorized spindle system is directly driven by the built-in motor to meet the requirements of high-speed, high-precision, high reliability and small vibration for high-speed cutting, and forms the necessary conditions for high-speed cutting together with high-speed feed system and high-speed cutting tool system. The combination of motorized spindle technology with motor frequency conversion, closed-loop vector control, AC servo control and other technologies can meet the needs of metal cutting such as turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, etc.