before useing the spindle notice

before useing the spindle notice

Nov 12, 2019

Before starting the spindle:

1) confirm the spindle sleeve of circulating cooling water has been required to the opening, the temperature of the cooling water usually don't above 35 c, but also shoulds not be too low, should not be directly or move the tap water, because of the water temperature is too low will cause the spindle motor internal hot atmosphere in cold forming condensate affect insulation and bearing rust, cooling water flow rate as usually in 3-5 l/MIN, cooling water should be clean without bits to prevent clogging the channel.The water in the cooling tank is about 50l-100l. Ab-25 or ab-50 are used for starting the pump.The water inlet and outlet cannot be too close to each other, the water must have a cooling process in the box, trying to make the temperature difference between the water inlet and outlet reach 2-3c, to stop the hot water circulation and not reach the cooling result.

2) confirm the accuracy of the correlation between the supply voltage and frequency and the spindle rector, and set the U/F curve of the inverter according to the correlation between the voltage and frequency provided in the spindle name plate data or product test statement.As usual, core 4 of the spindle socket is grounded and core 1.2.3 is connected to UVW of the inverter.Start should be moved first, check the spindle deviation.(from the end of the shaft extension to see the spindle should be counterclockwise rotation) if the reverse should be turned off, block the power supply, the three into the line of arbitrary two can be replaced.

For the newly enabled spindle motor, it is advisable to run at a low speed, start running at half speed for 0.5-1.0 hours, and then enter the high speed.As usual with the method of frequency modulation voltage regulation start spindle motor, should try to stop full start.Start time about 10 seconds to complete.