China pump and valve product demand growth year by year

2011 China's valve industry enterprises above designated size reached 305.25 billion yuan income scale, which pumps in size to 137.49 billion yuan in 2010, representing a growth of 15.32%, valves profession to 167.75 billion yuan in 2010, representing a growth of 13.28%.

Since reform and opening up, China has a rapid development of industrial production, follow up with the pace of national economic development, and the frequent exchanges, industry development, market expansion, this is a very significant progress. However, companies, competitors encountered in the product is a necessary, but there is competition within the industry, and business, it's good for the whole industry, because of competition, companies will continue to strive to improve product quality, improve the quality of services, as well as improving the manufacturing process so that consumers can spend less money to get a better product and service.