China's valve industry market development under the microscope

China's valve industry market development under the microscope

Apr 11, 2016

Today, this industrial production in China's booming economic powers, has Asia's largest valve castings machining center and the valve castings market, one of the world's largest country, dominated the valve production technology. At present, the development of valve manufacturing industry is in a very good time, with the joining of WTO, lower trade barriers and adjust products structure in developed countries, China is becoming the world's biggest processing plant that trend appears, valve products manufacture greater space for development.

Analysis from the table 08 valve market industry in China has continued to this day, increasing demand for valves on the market. According to news reports, China valves ' gross output value of industry in early 07 grew by 31.47% during the period, achieved cumulative sales revenues of nearly 80,571,055 thousand Yuan to achieve cumulative total profit of 5,772,097 thousand Yuan. "Eleven-Five", the Chinese oil and gas, metallurgy and other general industries valves have a lot of demand in the market, China's total demand for valves close to 34.5 billion yuan, therefore, valves profession hidden such huge potential is immeasurable.

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