Daily maintenance of engraving machine

Daily maintenance of engraving machine

Jan 17, 2020

Daily maintenance

Continuous running time is less than 10 hours per day to ensure the cleanness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. Never run out of water on the water spindle motor. Change the cooling water regularly to prevent the water temperature from becoming too high. In winter, if the working environment temperature is too low, replace the water in the water tank with antifreeze.

After each use of the machine, pay attention to cleaning. Be sure to clean up the dust on the platform and the transmission system, and regularly (weekly) lubricate the transmission system (X, Y, Z three axes). (Note: X, Y, Z three-axis polished rods are maintained with oil; high-speed butter is added to the screw rods; if the working environment temperature is too low in winter, the screw rods and polished rods (square or circular rails) should be washed with gasoline , And then add engine oil, otherwise the resistance of the transmission part of the machine will be too large and the machine will be misaligned.)

When performing maintenance and inspection on electrical appliances, be sure to turn off the power. Only after the monitor has no display and the main circuit power indicator goes out can be carried out.

The engraving machine should be used for about three months to check the fasteners. The connection screws on both sides of the gantry, the screw screws of the screw nut, and the screws of the motor on both sides are used for tightening.