Development Trend of electric Spindle Technology

- Jan 07, 2020-

Development Trend of electric Spindle Technology

(1) Simplify structure and promote modularization of machine tool structure Motorized spindles can form standardized and serialized products according to the characteristics of usage, structure, performance parameters, etc. for selection by the main machine, thus promoting the modularization of machine tool structure.

 (2) Reduce the cost of machine tools and shorten the development cycle of machine tools On the one hand, standardized and serialized motorized spindle products are easy to form specialized and large-scale production and realize low-cost manufacturing of functional components; On the other hand, the simplification and modularization of the machine tool structure after the motorized spindle is adopted is also conducive to reducing the cost of the machine tool. In addition, it can shorten the development cycle of machine tools and adapt to the current fast and changeable market trend. 

 (3) Improve machine tool performance and reliability The CNC machine tool with motorized spindle structure has simplified structure and reduced transmission and connection links, thus improving the reliability of the machine tool. The motorized spindle features mature technology, perfect function, excellent performance and reliable quality make the performance of the machine tool more perfect and the reliability further improved.

 (4) to realize the special requirements of some high-grade numerical control machine tools Some high-grade numerical control machine tools, such as parallel kinematic machine tools, pentahedron machining centers, small hole and ultra-small hole machining machines, etc., must use motorized spindles in order to meet the perfect functional requirements.