Disassembly tools and procedures of high speed electric spindle

Disassembly tools and procedures of high speed electric spindle

Apr 06, 2020

High speed spindle motor is a kind of special parts for internal surface grinding with high speed and precision. The assembly quality of the spindle directly affects the machining quality of the bearing. Therefore, the repair of high-speed spindle motor is a very technical task. Next, We will introduce to you the tools and specific operation steps that need to be used for disassembling the high-speed electric spindle.

Features of hengxinglong high speed spindle motor:

1. Good starting performance, large torque and high efficiency;

2. Low noise, small vibration and dynamic balance;

3. Reliable structure, excellent sealing performance, high precision and long service life;

4. The use of high-precision ceramic bearings improves the reliability and stability of the spindle

The main tools used for high-speed spindle motor are: Allen wrench, rigid wrench, two foot adjustable wrench, spindle repair frame, spindle top bar and other special tools.

1. Place the electric spindle to be repaired on the special spindle repair stand, and use a hexagon wrench to remove the front end cover, front spindle pressure cover and rear end cover of the spindle.

2. Fix the shaft with a rigid wrench, and remove the left-hand nut of the bearing from the shaft with a spanner wrench.

3. Use the special ejector pin of the spindle to press the rotor together with the rear support bearing and sleeve until the part comes out from the front.

4. Remove the front bearing and diaphragm from the front bearing housing.