Four performance characteristics of high speed motorized spindle

- May 04, 2020-

Four performance characteristics of high speed motorized spindle

1. High precision: PCB industry electric spindle static rotation precision 0.002mm, dynamic precision 0.006mm (factory standard), with high precision characteristics, to achieve higher drilling CPK value.

2. High power and high torque output: combined with the performance characteristics of the driver, the motor is designed in a hidden way, with a built-in three-phase frequency conversion asynchronous motor, which can improve the output power and torque within the speed range required for processing, and greatly improve the processing capacity.

3. High configuration: the electric spindle in this industry has the function of automatic tool change. The service life of broach mechanism is up to 2 million times. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with motor temperature sensor, shaft core speed sensor and other protection functions. The ball bearing adopts famous brands.

4. High speed motorized spindle high energy saving: under the premise of ensuring performance, the gas consumption of dust-proof air seal is optimized to be small, reducing the use cost of end customers.