Future valve castings industry development analysis

After years of development, the number of valve casting companies in China ranked first in the world, valves of various sizes about more than more than 6,000 valve industry is developing very rapidly.
In recent years is China economic high-speed development stage, China valve casting industry in economy development in the, as prepared manufacturing of a important link, up to very important of role, in relationship people's livelihood important field, as million kW nuclear power, and large clean efficient power, and Super critical thermal power, and gas steam cycle, and large hydropower and the pumping storage, and large empty cold power station, unit and large cycle flow of bed boiler,; million tons large vinyl equipment, on xylene, and benzene II carboxylic acid, and poly fat equipment ; Large coal chemical equipment; large coal well Xia mining, and upgrade and wash sent equipment; large ship, and large chemical ship, and carrier, and CNG; atmosphere governance, and city industrial wastewater processing, and city tube network transformation, aspects are needs large localization valve for supporting, to meet economy industry on valve manufacturing of requirements, achieved whole industry of science development, first development, and good and fast development, caught both at home and abroad market opportunities, develop enterprising, efforts will China playing caused global valve casting industry of main production base.