High-speed motor and characteristics

High-speed motor and characteristics

Mar 14, 2020

High-speed motors, also known as spindle motors, can be called electro-spindles, high-speed electro-spindles, etc. in a broad sense. They usually refer to motors with speeds exceeding 10,000 r / min.
High-speed motors are further divided into: AC AC asynchronous motors, DC synchronous permanent magnet motors, BLDC brushless motors, bldc inverter motors, etc.
High-speed motor features:
1. Due to the high speed, the power density of the motor is high, and the volume is much smaller than the ordinary motor of the same power, which can effectively save materials;
2. Can be connected to the prime mover, eliminating the traditional reduction mechanism, high transmission efficiency and low noise;
3. The high-speed motor has a small moment of inertia, so the dynamic response is fast;