how does the heat of the lathe electric spindle cool when it works?

- Feb 20, 2020-

The spindle bearing is the primary heat source in the spindle box. If the heat produced by it is not discharged in time, it will cause the bearing to overheat, increase the temperature of the corresponding part of the lathe, and then cause thermal deformation. In severe cases, the spindle and the tailstock will not be the same height. This not only affects the accuracy and machining accuracy of the lathe itself, but also burns out the bearings and even the spindle. So how does the heat of the lathe electric spindle cool when it works?

The reasons for the overheating of the main shaft can be summarized as follows: too small gaps in the main shaft bearing add friction and frictional heat. During a long period of full-load turning, the rigidity of the main shaft decreases, twists and turns occur, and the transmission is unstable and hot.

When cleaning up the problem, pay attention to: adjust the gap of the spindle bearing to make it suitable; control the supply of smooth oil to clear the oil path; try to prevent the lathe from bearing long-term load.

The first method to reduce bearing heat generation is to use new materials. For example, when ceramic materials are used as the tumbling body, compared with steel ball angular contact ball bearings, during high-speed reversal, the rolling and sliding friction between the ball and the raceway is reduced, and the heat generation is reduced. Properly reduce the diameter of the tumbling body. Reducing the diameter of the tumbling body can reduce the centrifugal force and the gyro moment, then reduce the friction and reduce the heat generation.