How to disassemble the bearing of the engraving machine

How to disassemble the bearing of the engraving machine

Dec 19, 2019

Engraving machine spindle motor disassembly:

1.Remove the front and rear covers, front and rear nuts of the engraving machine

2. Push back the main shaft, rear bearing block, linear bearing and other accessories from the front end of the shaft.

3.Developed front and rear bearing washers

① The front and rear bearings of the electric spindle are matched in series DT

②. Support the inner sleeve according to the direction of the axial force that the bearing bears, and press the outer sleeve downward with the design force of the engraving and milling machine by hand (the magnitude of the force is about the same as the preload force of the spring on the bearing), and adjust the gap of the washer There are two methods, one is to replace the bearing and the upper and lower positions of the bearing, and the second is to grind the washer height. The washer is grinded with a figure-eight method. At the same time, the position of the washer is rotated to ensure that the parallelism of the washer is within 2um. Adjusted so that the internal and external washers are evenly stressed, so the preload of the two sets of bearings is even

③. If you have selected a good bearing, the size difference between the inner and outer washers should be less than 2um, and the parallel difference between the washers should be less than 2um. The bearings should be installed in pairs according to the V-shaped mark on the outer diameter.

④. Pre-tensioned springs will cause fatigue and reduce elasticity after long-term use. The preload on the bearings will be reduced, which will affect the precision and life of the design of the electric spindle precision engraving machine. At this time, new springs with the same specifications should be replaced.

⑤. If the matching of the gaskets is not suitable, the load of one set of the two sets of bearings is small and the load of the other set is too large, the bearing will be unevenly stressed, which will generate heat and seriously affect the service life. When the internal and external gaskets have the same force, the two sets Bearings with uniform preload

4. For cleaning bearings, the outer casing slope is downward (or the inner casing slope is upward) and rotated and cleaned (in clean gasoline). The bearing should be cleaned more than twice. Pay attention to the bearing after cleaning.

5. Before installing the bearing, the bearing, the inner hole of the shaft housing and the main shaft should be lubricated with engine oil (special lubricating oil for the electric main shaft). One is to facilitate the installation, and the other is to ensure the lubrication of the bearing at the initial stage of the electric main shaft.

6. For cleaning other parts on the shaft, the bearings should be dried naturally after cleaning. It is strictly forbidden to blow dry with high pressure gas.

7. Install the back-end bearing first, the nut is tightened, and the spring is fixed on the bearing seat with butter. The spring gland cannot be misplaced.

8. Assemble the front-end bearing, and fix the front-end cover with a preloaded bearing housing. (The assembly of the bearing should use a special sleeve, which is machined with a nylon rod. The shape is as follows: D is less than the outer diameter of the bearing, and d is greater than the inner diameter of the bearing)

9. Tighten the front nut and install the front and rear end caps. Pay attention to the position of the air intake holes when installing the rear end caps. The seals of the air intake holes, water inlet holes, and water outlet holes should be intact and placed correctly.

10. After the front and rear bearings are installed, push the spindle forward into position from the rear end of the electric spindle, while the linear bearings are pushed into position at the same time.

11. After the electric spindle is installed, check whether the spindle is in place. (Push the spindle forward with a wrench and the spindle will move forward. If you release your hand, it will spring back immediately.