How to reduce the operation error rate of electric spindle

How to reduce the operation error rate of electric spindle

Apr 12, 2020

XingTuo electric spindle has good starting performance, large torque, high efficiency; low noise, small vibration, dynamic balance; reliable structure, excellent sealing performance, high accuracy, long service life; the use of high-precision ceramic bearings improves the reliability and stability of the spindle.

1. We should connect the water inlet and outlet pipes of the electric spindle according to the corresponding requirements, and see if there is any water leakage. From the start to the stop, the cooling system should be operated continuously. The coolant should use a separate water tank, and the coolant should be replaced every month. We should match the power, frequency and voltage of the frequency converter and the electric spindle. The current of the frequency converter shall be set according to the current of the electric spindle.

2. When the electric spindle is loading the cutter, we should clean the taper holes on the spindle head and the dirt on the surface of the spring collet, so as to effectively prevent the accuracy from dropping. When clamping the nuts of the electric spindle, we should be careful not to use too much force. In addition, the contact ball bearing has a speed limit, so the electric spindle is not allowed to overspeed, if overspeed, it will burn the bearing of the precision contactor.

3. If we hear any abnormal sound in the electric spindle, we need to check it and feel whether the electric spindle has heat and vibration. If so, we need to shut down the machine and check whether the quality is stable during processing.

To control the error rate of the operation of the electric spindle from three aspects, cooperate with the skilled skills of the staff, I believe that it can greatly reduce the error rate, and it is also a kind of protection for the electric spindle