How to shorten the gap between domestic instrument industry and foreign countries

How to shorten the gap between domestic instrument industry and foreign countries

Dec 12, 2019

Instrument and meter products a wide variety of coverage is very wide.With the development of China's instrument and meter demand more and more, to a large extent to promote the rapid development of China's instrument and meter industry, but compared with foreign development is relatively weak, there is a big gap between the gap, which is also caused by the gap in China's instrument and meter industry in technology, research and development team, talent training.So, how does the instrumentation industry close the gap with advanced countries?It is not only to find the gap, shorten the gap, but also need to close the gap at the same time, ready to take the lead.

The lack of high and new technology research and development of instruments and meters is the main factor in the backward and advanced countries, this aspect needs to increase the investment in scientific research, strive to have a strong scientific research team, the development of advanced products with development potential.Among the problems to be overcome are: the organic combination of silicon micromachining technology, computer technology and nanotechnology;We will gradually expand the application fields of civil instruments and meters with a broad market, and continuously expand overseas markets based on the Internet economy.

China's large enterprises generally have a strict system, which is not conducive to the development of Internet thinking, so it is urgent for talents with Internet thinking to expand the Internet market.Due to the existence of large and small enterprises in China, increasing supervision is also the key to promote the healthy development of the instrument industry.During this period, avoid the emergence of some short-term development as the goal of the enterprise, because of the greed of immediate interests, and destroy the market, affect the rapid development of the instrument industry.It is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of products and produce instruments and instruments to meet the needs of modern development.

Instrument that the quality of the product, is one of the important factors affecting its development in the market, the need to know: because of the instrument and meter industry belongs to the high-tech emerging field, its development cannot leave the restriction of economic law, instrument structure more complicated, the higher the mechanical and electrical integration, the needs of mechanization and automation of machining technology is the need to have a certain strength to produce high quality equipment, so you need to large-scale production, automation necessary conditions to do product quality assurance.This puts forward more strict requirements for instrument manufacturers and is also an important part of the gap between China's instrument industry and advanced countries.