Introduction to computer engraving machine

Introduction to computer engraving machine

Feb 25, 2020

Engraving machine is a relatively primary numerical control machine tool. It is mainly used in advertising industry, construction industry, wood industry, decoration industry, etc., such as the company's employees' badges, decorative patterns on the doors of the home, artwork, etc. Computer engraving machine is developed on the basis of engraving machine. It abandons the traditional engraving method and displays the engraving more accurately and perfectly through the calculation and operation of computer.

The computer carving machine is composed of a computer, a carving machine controller and a carving machine host. Its working principle is mainly as follows: the carving software is installed in the computer, the operator designs and arranges the products, after the design is completed, the signals of making, design and typesetting are transmitted to the controller, the controller then converts these signals into the signals of driving the host, the host will carry out cutting according to the design style of the computer, at the same time, the rotary carving head will also add according to the instructions The materials are cut to carve out the works designed by computer.

The appearance of computer carving machine shows many advantages. The first is the replaceable tool, such as v-knife, cone knife, ball knife, etc. at the same time, the tool can also be manufactured according to their own ideas, which can increase the selectivity and enhance the flexibility of engraving. The second is to improve efficiency and accuracy.

The computer engraving machine realizes the perfect integration of computer and engraving machine, so that the designed works can be engraved and shaped immediately, and the production efficiency can be improved. This high-efficiency output caters to the development of the current advertising industry and construction industry. At the same time, the use of computer design products for carving, greatly improving the accuracy of product carving, carving out the products are more and more perfect.