Jiangsu valve focus large net fishing industry overview

- Apr 11, 2016-

Jiangsu valve industry started from the early 50 's, 70, 80 years of great development, in the planned economy era, almost all counties have valve manufacturers, mostly State-owned and collective enterprises, and national and provincial designated enterprise of high and low pressure valves, valve plant sales after billion or up to tens of millions of Yuan, the peak of production and sales. But in the era of market economy, and valve industry is in trouble, the valve market oversupply, competition in the market, a lot of businesses fail because of poor management, more difficulties after turning after the reform, enterprises back to life. Reform yilai, Jiangsu valve industry into has leap period, development more fast, and this many State-owned enterprises work of has technology, and will business of, and understand management of valve capable, independent venture development, with of out has many private, development speed soon, came from behind to, also formed has valve industry of sales market and powerful network, Jiangsu valve traveled across, sold both at home and abroad market, Jiangsu valve industry following Wenzhou Hou became China valve industry and a scale larger of important base.