Knowledge of Electric Spindle

- Oct 31, 2019-

Due to the diversified demands of consumers and the need of producers to reduce costs, various production systems with high productivity and high flexibility have gradually been established. Among them, automatic tool change numerical control machine tools take on the core tasks. Recently, there are further high-speed, high-precision and high-efficiency requirements for improving the machining efficiency of machine tools. People are constantly developing technologies for spindle, feed, tool exchange and other systems. Therefore, functional components such as motorized spindle drive unit, ball screw, linear guide rail and so on have appeared correspondingly. Spindle motor (short for "High Frequency Spindle"), also known as built-in motor spindle unit, is mainly characterized in that the motor is built into the spindle to directly drive the spindle, thus realizing the integration function of the motor and the spindle. It is a direct drive mode that omits intermediate transmission parts such as gear transmission and speed change devices (such as belts and couplings)