Layout and practicability of high speed spindle

- Apr 15, 2020-

Generally speaking, the electric spindle is made of composite ceramic bearings, because its wear resistance and heat resistance are very good, and its service life is several times that of ordinary bearings. Of course, some motorized spindles also use hydrostatic bearings and electromagnetic suspension bearings. Their inner and outer rings are not in contact, so we think their life will not stop.

The electric spindle is formed by combining the motor and the spindle. The rotor of the motor is actually the part that the spindle can rotate. In fact, we can regard the electric spindle as a high-speed motor, of course, its dynamic balance is also very important. At the same time, his oil control is also crucial. If there is too little oil, it will not work. If there is too much oil, the bearing will heat up when it rotates. So he has a pulse encoder in the motorized spindle. He can control the phase angle very well.