main classification and commonness

main classification and commonness

Dec 18, 2020

Main classification and commonness

1. Classification of motorized spindle:

1. Turning spindle 2. Milling spindle 3. Grinding spindle

2. Structural commonalities:

Broach mechanism includes (tension sensor, broach sensor, loosening sensor, pull rod, claw, disc spring)

Lubrication mechanism (grease lubrication within 6000 rpm, oil mist lubrication within 20000 rpm, oil air lubrication above 20000 RPM).

Cooling mechanism (air cooling, self cooling, oil cooling).

Functional mechanism, rotating unit (easy to jump and reduce impact).

Bearing (ceramic ball bearing, combination mode: front four rear one, front two rear two, front three rear one, etc., there is a spacer ring between the bearing and the bearing, and the bearing position is located in the bearing during assembly).

3. Structural differences:

Encoder (gear magnetic grid), center outlet (OTT).