Performance characteristics of woodworking engraving machine for hollow board

Performance characteristics of woodworking engraving machine for hollow board

Jul 23, 2020

Performance characteristics of woodworking engraving machine for hollow board

Product features:

High efficiency: multiple spindle motors work at the same time, which can complete the processing of products in large quantities. Advanced automatic tool change program, without manual intervention, the program is automatically executed. Adopting international leading technology vacuum adsorption table, equipped with vacuum pump with strong adsorption force, nine partition design, it can strongly adsorb materials of different areas, greatly improving work efficiency.

High transmission speed: both shafts are rack rotating, with high speed and accurate efficiency. The idle speed reaches 50 m / min.

Fast engraving speed: it adopts fast driving step motor and driver, Y-axis adopts double motor drive, quasi precision rack drive, and vigorously cuts the spindle to make engraving speed faster.

Stable operation: imported linear square guide rail, double row four row ball slider, large bearing capacity, stable operation, accurate accuracy, long service life, imported ball screw accuracy, accurate cutting.

Intelligent control: weihongka computer control system (optional DSP offline handle control system) is adopted. It has the functions of breaking point, power-off and knife breaking. It has the characteristics of stability and efficiency, and is easy to learn.

Accuracy: the advanced three position curve prediction algorithm can ensure the speed and accuracy of the curve, and can be well compatible with many software at home and abroad;

Strong and durable: the whole steel structure of the bed is welded, with strong rigidity, great strength, stable rotation, and long-time rapid operation without deformation and shaking. Gantry moving, strengthen the table, can process any material on the table, firm and durable.

Daily maintenance:

1. The continuous operation time is less than 10 hours per day to ensure the cleaning of cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. Never make the water spindle motor lack of water. Replace the cooling water regularly to prevent excessive water temperature. In winter, if the working environment temperature is too low, the water in the water tank can be replaced with antifreeze.

Be sure to clean the dust on the transmission system of Y (2) and Y (z) regularly, and clean up the lubrication of the three shafts every week. (Note: X, y, Z three-axis polished rod should be maintained with oil; screw rod should be added with quick grease; in winter, if the working environment temperature is too low, prtT ball screw and polished rod (square guide or circular guide) should be washed and cleaned with gasoline first, and then oil should be added. Otherwise, the resistance of transmission part of the machine will be too high and the machine will be misplaced.)

During the maintenance and inspection of electrical appliances, the power supply must be cut off, and it can be carried out after the monitor has no display and the main circuit power indicator is off.

When the engraving machine is used for about three months, the fasteners should be inspected. The connecting screws on both sides of the gantry, the fastening screws of the screw nuts, and the fastening screws of the motors on both sides should be tightened