Selection of spindle

Selection of spindle

Nov 20, 2019

1. Selection of spindle

Basic basis:

- new spindle selection or old spindle replacement?

- what kind of processing and machine tools (drag test, inner circular grinding, outer circular grinding, deep hole grinding, thread grinding, gear grinding, deep hole drilling, vertical grinding, centrifugal beating, processing center (horizontal addition, vertical addition, multi-axis linkage, turning and milling compound, etc.);

- working speed range (Max. Speed), power torque requirements (t-n and p-n characteristic curves), spindle size requirements (unlimited length and mounting), tool interface form, lubrication mode, drive and control mode, materials of the workpiece being processed

- additional options: encoder, tool cooling spray (such as shaft center through coolant), gas seal, acceleration (vibration) sensor, etc

2. Motorized spindle system

-cooling unit

- lubrication unit (German or Taiwan oil and gas lubrication unit is recommended)

- drive and control system (optional frequency converter is recommended but drive and control system is not provided)