Teach you how to distinguish spindle motor faults from different sounds.

Teach you how to distinguish spindle motor faults from different sounds.

Jan 14, 2020

Spindle motor is a new technology in the field of numerical control machine tools, which integrates machine tool spindle and spindle motor. It pushes high-speed machining to a new era together with linear motor technology and high-speed cutting tool technology. Today, Hengxinglong Xiaobian will teach you how to distinguish motorized spindle faults through different sounds. In order to reduce the economic losses caused by the failure, we must deal with it in a timely manner.

1. The spindle motor makes a pattering sound It is mainly due to the vibration of the retainer and the rolling body, which may cause collision regardless of the type of grease. It is easier to generate when bearing large torque, load or radial clearance. Solution: Improve the accuracy of the retainer, select motorized spindle bearing with small clearance or apply preload to the bearing, reduce torque load, reduce installation error, and select good grease.

2. Make a similar buzzing sound When the motor of the motorized spindle runs without load, it emits a buzzing sound similar to buzzing sound, and the motor has abnormal axial vibration. When the motor is turned on or off, it has buzzing sound, which is mainly caused by unstable vibration under the influence of axial vibration when the motor with ball bearings at both ends is in poor lubrication state in winter.

3. Irregular abnormal sound The impurity sound in the motorized spindle is caused by the cleanliness of the motorized spindle bearing or oil. It emits an irregular abnormal sound. The sound is sometimes absent, sometimes large and sometimes small. It occurs frequently on high-speed motors. Therefore, it is necessary to select good oil to avoid this situation, improve the cleanliness before grease injection, improve the sealing performance of the motorized spindle bearing, and improve the cleanliness of the installation environment.

4. There is a click sound The occurrence of clatter also indicates the problems of motorized spindle. The sound frequency of imported motorized spindle varies with the rotational speed of motorized spindle bearing. The surface waviness of motorized spindle maintenance parts is the main cause of noise. The solution is to improve the surface processing quality of the bearing raceway of the motorized spindle, reduce the amplitude of ripple, reduce bruising, correct the preload and coordination of clearance, check the operation of the free end bearing, and improve the precision installation method of the motorized spindle and the bearing seat.