The main points of choosing the spindle

- Mar 18, 2020-

1. There are two types of electric spindle: constant torque and constant power. Constant power is more expensive. It is more appropriate to use constant torque for the spindle of the engraving machine.

2. There are air-cooled and water-cooled types. Air-cooled is mainly a small power spindle with a few hundred watts in the early days. Currently, water-cooled electric spindles are basically used on engraving machines with high power and low noise.

3. Lubrication methods include oil mist and grease. High-speed electric spindles with speeds above 24,000 rpm use oil mist, which is supplied by a dedicated oil circuit. Installation is complicated. Most engraving machines are lubricated with grease speed.

4. The supporting methods are 2 bearings, 3 bearings and  bearings. The 3 and 4 bearings are suitable for heavy loads such as engraving steel. More than 1.5kW spindles are used. Generally, soft bearings with 2 bearings are sufficient.

5. The spindle core frame is welded by aluminum alloy and stainless steel. At present, most of the spindle core frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight but large in size. Now there are some new products that use stainless steel welding core frame, which can reduce the size of the spindle under the same power. For example, if the volume of a 1.5kW spindle is usually about Φ80 × 215mm, the new stainless steel welding core frame spindle can be about Φ65 × 210mm, which is more suitable for engraving machines, but the price is one hundred or two hundred yuan more expensive.

6. The power of the inverter should be greater than the power of the spindle, so that the output power of the spindle can be fully used. The 1.2kW spindle is equipped with a 1.5kW inverter, and the 1.5kW spindle is equipped with a 2.2kW inverter.