User pumps and valves in the chemical industry equipment purchase behavior analysis

Pumps, valves profession is an important branch of General machinery, as key devices are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, urban construction, environmental protection and so on. After years of development, our country's pump valve product either from the varieties, specifications, and can basically meet the needs of the various industries and sectors of the national economy, part of the new product has even reached the world's advanced level.
By the end of 2003, national pump valve industry enterprise 723 middle age sales of 5 million Yuan, total sales of 22.5 billion yuan, Wenzhou has nearly one-third and sales of nearly 7 billion yuan. 2010 is expected to pump manufacturing industry output will reach 99.5 billion yuan, the annual growth rate will reach 25%, very good market prospects.
A valve market status
Valves are important general machinery products, by its use of a very wide range, is a large, important, known as the pipeline "throat". As an important part of large complete sets of equipment, valves are mainly used for process pipe line medium (materials, such as water, steam, air and oil) cut off, throttling, regulator and change the flow and so on. Valve quality will directly affect the device's normal production, safe operation and environmental pollution, and plays a vital role. According to rough estimates, a set of large complete sets of equipment, valve investment 5% is about 3% per cent of total investment on average.