What are the two things we need to confirm before using the electric spindle

What are the two things we need to confirm before using the electric spindle

Feb 20, 2020

As a kind of high-speed machining motorized spindle, carving motorized spindle is mainly used in some small and medium-sized carving machine equipment. With the market demand of carving motorized spindle increasing year by year, the use of motorized spindle is more concerned.

1. Before starting, it must be confirmed that the circulating cooling water required by the electric spindle sleeve has been opened

The temperature of cooling water is generally not more than 35 ℃, but it should not be too low, and it is not suitable to directly connect with tap water. This is mainly because the low water temperature will cause the hot air inside the spindle motor to be cold, which will form condensation, affect the insulation and cause bearing rust. The flow of cooling water is generally 3-5l / min, and the cold water should be clean and free of debris to prevent blocking the channel. The water volume in the cooling water tank is about 50-100l. The water inlet and outlet should not be too close to each other. There must be a cooling process for the water in the tank to avoid the hot water circulation and the cooling effect cannot be achieved.

2. Before starting, make sure that the matching relationship between power supply voltage, frequency and motorized spindle is correct

The U / F curve of the frequency converter shall be set according to the corresponding relationship between the voltage and frequency provided in the spindle data or product test report. The 1 core of the spindle plug seat shall be grounded, and the 2, 3 and 4 cores shall be respectively connected to the U, V and W of the frequency converter. Before starting, jog it first to check the direction of the main shaft. If it reverses, shut down the car, cut off the power supply and adjust any two of the three incoming wires.

After confirming the above two points, the engraving mechanical and electrical spindle can be started. For the newly started electrical spindle, it is better to run at low speed first, half speed for about 1 hour, and then gradually transition to high speed, which can not only ensure the use effect of the electrical spindle, but also be conducive to the extension of the service life of the electrical spindle.