what is a high-speed electric spindle

what is a high-speed electric spindle

Dec 19, 2019

First,what is a high-speed electric spindle

Electric spindle refers to the part where the spindle component is relatively independent from the drive system and overall structure of the machine tool.

Understanding aspect one: the main purpose

The function of high-speed electric spindle is to hide the squirrel-cage motor in the spindle sleeve and hot-install the rotor core on the spindle to achieve the effect of frequency conversion and speed regulation of the inverter.

Understanding aspect 2: Composition of electric spindle

The high-speed electric spindle is not a single product in a true practical sense, but a whole package, including multiple components such as an electric spindle, a high-frequency inverter, an oil mist lubricator, a cooling device, a built-in encoder, and a tool changer. Included.

Understanding Aspect 3: Specific Tasks

The significance of the high-speed electric spindle to the entire machine tool is that the rotor inside the motor directly moves as the spindle of the machine tool. The housing of the spindle unit is the motor base, and at the same time with other parts, the integration of the motor and the machine tool spindle is achieved.

Understanding Aspect 4: Official Explanation

High-speed electric spindle is also called “spindle unit”. Due to the rapid development and perfection of modern electric transmission technology (frequency control technology, motor vector control technology, etc.), the mechanical structure of the main drive system of high-speed CNC machine tools has changed. Traditional belt drive and gear drive have been gradually eliminated from the market and developed to be directly driven by the built-in motor of the spindle. This "two-in-one" transmission structure of the spindle motor and the machine tool spindle is the development prototype of modern machine tools.