Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) Bt30-20t

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) Bt30-20t


We will try our best to provide customers with better 6000RMP ELECTRO SPINDLE, machine motorized spindle, engraving cnc router spindle and services with more enthusiasm and more efficient measurements. In the fierce market competition, through unremitting efforts, we have won high recognition and praise from customers all over the world. After several years of continuous development and expansion, we have established a sound quality management system for the whole process control. We look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a returning customer or a new one.

Product Description

BT30 ATC spindle motor 7.5KW 30000Rmp Water Cooling Mould Machinning Electro Spindle.It is used for high precision metal material such as :Alumnium , steel, decroration machining/engraving/drilling/threading process CNC machines

Atc spindle bt30 is the high precision electric spindle motor for metal mould and metal cut machining is special designed for machining stamping dies. Die material could be SUS304 steel, 38crmoala,42CrMo. Which widely applied to produce small metal parts like fastener, badge..etc.

Advance/Features :

Over 13 year research and development and build up profound experience of motor spindles;
Keep optimizing structure, electrical properties, and convenient application in customers;
Key materials and components imported;
Steel:imported from Japan and Taiwan;(When we buy the steel back,we will stay them for at least 2 years.It will release the stress generated during processing and heat treatment.So our steel is stable.)
University educated engineers and sales team;
Hands-on experienced engineers





Motor powerKW7.5Rate voltageV/AC380(3~)
Max speedRpm36000Max currentA25
Max frequencyHz1200TorqueN·M5.73

Cone at the end of the shaft pulsatesmm≤0.001Tooling releasing air pressureKgf/cm²5.6-6.0
Tooling change methodATCAir cutain presssure at front endKgf/cm²2.5~3.0
Tooling pulling forceN≥2900Tooling back air pressureKgf/cm²5.6-6.0
Tooling connectionBT30tool holderCoolingWater Cooling
coolant pressureKgf/cm²≥2.5
Approach switchPNP onBearing lubrication methodGrease
Balance levelG1Install methodClamp
Vibration Valuemm/s≤0.8WeightKg

Product show1230A-BT30 36000rpm atc spindle for cnc

1230A-BT30 cnc machine spindle for metal

1230-bt30 7.5kw water cooling spindle motor

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EEJA Spindle

Metal cut Spindle motor

Maximum PowerOperating SpeedMax FrequencyTooling Exchange MethodTooling ConnectionMaximum TorqueRated voltageMax currencyCooling MethodWeightRemarks
1036A-ISO255.5KW36000Rmp1200HzATCISO25-ER203.98 N.M380(3~)V/AC21 AWater Cooling26KG
1036A-HSK32E5.5KW36000Rmp1200HzATCHSK32E-ER203.98 N.M380(3~)V/AC21 AWater Cooling26KG
1230A-BT307.5KW30000Rmp1000HzATCBT305.73 N.M380(3~)V/AC25 AWater Cooling26KG
1230A-HSK40E7.5KW30000Rmp1000HzATCHSK40E-ER255.73 N.M380(3~)V/AC25 AWater Cooling26KG
Engraving CNC machine spindle motor

Maximum PowerOperating SpeedMax FrequencyTooling Exchange MethodTooling ConnectionMaximum TorqueRated voltageMax currencyCooling MethodWeightRemarks
0840A-ISO203.7 KW40000Rmp1333HzATCISO20-ER161.19 N.M380(3~)V/AC17 AWater Cooling7.8KG
0840A-HSK25E3.7 KW40000Rmp1333HzATCHSK25E1.19 N.M380(3~)V/AC17 AWater Cooling7.8KG
80A23.7 KW40000Rmp1333HzATCφ10 CHUCK1.19 N.M380(3~)V/AC17 AWater Cooling7.8KG



60000Rmp1000HzATCφ3-φ6 Chuck0.28 N.M200(3~)V/AC10 AWater Cooling3.0 KGTool path smaller



60000Rmp1000HzATCφ3-φ6 Chuck0.28 N.M200(3~)V/AC10 AWater Cooling3.0 KG
60D11.8KW/1.5K60000Rmp1000HzATCER110.28 N.M200(3~)V/AC10 AWater Cooling3.0 KG

Our sincere service, not only won the trust and support of customers, but also promoted the continuous development of the company. We will make full use of our experience to provide you with better Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) Bt30-20t and better service. Situated inside the national civilized cities, the website traffic is very hassle-free, unique geographical and financial circumstances. Our company is strong and has become a highly competitive company under the scientific management and honest operation.
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