Electrical Brush DC Motor 3043 for CNC Machining/Spindle Machine/High Speed Blender/Feed Drives

Electrical Brush DC Motor 3043 for CNC Machining/Spindle Machine/High Speed Blender/Feed Drives

1.8kw 60000rpm automatic spindle


Our company vigorously develops technological innovation, improves the research and development capabilities of new CNC Drilliing Machine-3040Y, 24000rpm ES929 Wooden Spindle Motor, cnc machining spindle motor, and introduces equipment of international cutting-edge. We'll undoubtedly do our very best to support your business in China. We practice the tenet of customer-centered and serve customers wholeheartedly. We'd like to invite customers from abroad to discuss business with us. We will continuously increase the intensity of technological innovation.

Product description

Our 1.8kw 60000rpm Atc Spindle Motor with FAG/SKF bearing,with the common diameter 62mm,so make him small and light.It can be used to process toughened membrane glass which also called as tempered glass screen protector. It's perfect to machine 0-0.07mm thickness glass. Sometimes,thanks for the speed 60000rpm ATC and 1.8kw,it is used to machine Aluminum, Arylic sheet and patterns as well. Many customers use it to mill Titanium alloy, Zirconia and Ceramic for false tooth making

Our spindle applications:

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:EEJA

Model Number:DC-60B

Application:truning, milling, drilling, boring, for CNC machine to truning, milling , boring mould dies

Maximum Torque:0.28NM

Operating Speed:60000RPM/Min


Cone surface spring at shaft end::≤0.001mm

Max Frequency:1000Hz

Max Speed::60000Rpm


Max currency::10A

Machining material::

all kinds of steels, and some aluminum


Why choose us:

2.FREE Maintance training
3.FREE repair technology training for partners
4.Sole agent protect for distributors
5.Enough stock support
6.Free customized for special design
7.China price of imported bearing


Usage of spindle motor :
Widely used in PCB CNC drilling and milling equipment, precision carving, engraving and milling machinery bar, computer gongs precision grinding machines, CD profiling batch flower machine, optical processing equipment, watches and equipment.


Packing and Delivery:
Packing: Export carton/wooden

Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
Delivery date: 5-15 days

We can ship anyway according to our customers.

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The Electrical Brush DC Motor 3043 for CNC Machining/Spindle Machine/High Speed Blender/Feed Drives produced by the company enjoys a good reputation in our industry and customer groups. With the deepening of the market economy and the continuous progress of processing technology, our factory's technological innovation and equipment transformation is changing rapidly. The maximization of company value is the trend of modern company management goals.

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