Yrkk Series Large Size High Voltage Slip Ring Motor

Yrkk Series Large Size High Voltage Slip Ring Motor

Product description 60000 rpm pnematic tools change PCB drilling spindle motor with ceramics GMN bearing. Structure Parameter Spindle details Applications Our certifications Product packing For more details,please contact us below Foshan Nanhai Xingtuo Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. Tel:+757...


We continue to use advanced technology and technology at home and abroad, so that our er32 spindle motor, HTC wood Electric Spindle, 3040 Mini CNC Router is constantly updated, scaled up in production, and high in quality. With this concept, the company will continue to develop products with high added values and continuously improve products, and will provide many customers with the best products and services! We are looking forward to consolidate our technological advantages to revitalize the national high-end industry, and build a world-class brand!

Product description

PCB processing PCB professional electric spindle is a high frequency spindle with diameter of 62mm introduced by our company. It is often used for drilling, tapping, milling and other materials with high hardness and rigidity. Its rated power is 1.5kw/1.8kw, rated speed is up to 60000pm, internal radial jump is less than 1 μ, and its processing accuracy is high, and its weight is only 3.97kg.

62mm pneumatic direct tool change series is a product with mature technology, high precision, stability and smooth operation. Constant R & D and quality control can guarantee the performance required by high-precision chip task. Our 62mm series motorized spindles are all cylindrical spindles with very short structure. They are equipped with asynchronous motors (synchronous motors can also be provided according to requirements) and hybrid ball bearings (suitable for extremely high operation accuracy). The sealing air inside the spindle is used to prevent dust, chips and liquid from invading, so as to significantly extend the service life. In addition, it has the characteristics of high rigidity, little running vibration and full life lubrication.





Motor power(kw):1.8/1.5

Rate voltage(V):200(3~)

Max speed(RPM):60000

Max frequency(HZ):1000


Max current(A):6.5/5.0

Tooling change method:ATC

Run-out at cone end(mm):≤0.001

Spindle details

62F water cooling pcb dilling spindle

62F spindle motor

62F pcb milling spindle motor

62F pcb milling spindle


cnc atc spindle for pcb drilling

Pcb drilling

pcb 60000rpm water cooling spindle

Pcb milling

Our certifications


Product packing

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Whether our Yrkk Series Large Size High Voltage Slip Ring Motor is standard design or customized according to customers' needs, it is renowned worldwide for its high performance, high reliability and innovation. Our company has been committed to the national energy conservation and environmental protection cause for many years. Sincerely look forward to your support and cooperation!

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