4kw ISO20 Spindle Motor

4kw 40000rpm ISO20 automatic spindle motor



1.The electric spindle and the frequency inverter shall be suitable with each other. The specifications and parameter settings of the inverter shall match the nominal parameters of the spindle, and it will burn the spindle if the settings are notcorrect.

2. Before using water-cooling spindle, it shall ensure that cooling cycle system works normally and the running underno cooling conditions is prohibited. The volume of cooling water is calculated as per 1 liter/kw, minute, the minimum flow ofcooling water is not less than 5 liter/minute, cooling water pipe and the nozzle shall be connected reliably and there is noleakage.

3.The cooling liquid shall be clean and free of grease and the temperature shall be within 5-30C. The cooling medium shall carry out force cooling when the ambient temperature is higher than 30"C. The precision lathe requires the coolingliquid with a constant temperature of 20t2'C.

4.During storage and transport of the spindle, the status of highspeed grease inside the bearing will change. The user shall run it at a low speed first by starting from the lowest speed of the spindle for 30 minutes and then 20 minutes for every 3000 rounds; otherwise there will have abnormal sound, noise, heat and other phenomena, which will affect the bearing lifeif the spindle is started directly at a high speed. During long term storage, the spindle shall run (at Iow speed) for 15~30minutes once a week at least.


Motor power
3.5kw 4kwRate voltage380V 220V(3~)
Max speed40000rpm
Max current15A
Max frequency1333hz
Cone at the end of the shaft pulsates


Tooling releasing air pressure5.6-6.0Kgf/cm²
Tooling change methodATC automatic
Air cutain presssure at front end2.5~3.0Kgf/cm²
Tooling pulling force≥1100N
CoolingWater cooling
Tooling connectionISO20 tool holderBearing lubricatioGrease
coolant pressure≥2.5Kgf/cm²
Vibration Value≤0.8mm/sInstall methodClamp
Balance levelG1Weight8kg



0840A-ISO20 40000rpm spindle motor


Our spindles are widely used in woodworking, aluminum, steel, PCB, glass and stone industries.


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We have two packing methods: one is carton packing with foam and the other is wooden packing with foam.

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