ISO30 ATC Spindle Motor

WP145A is one short arm specially design for woodworking machine. This product is a high-speed electric spindle with square engraving CNC machine tool. The maximum speed is 24000rpm and the rated power is 9kW. The ATC Square engraving CNC machine tool spindle motor meets the development and requirements of high-speed wood and plastic engraving. The square engraving spindle motor has low cost and high precision. It is widely used in CNC machine tools with engraving function. spindle Motor Feature 1) Imported bearings with good quality, long working life. 2) Application: Milling,Engraving,Drilling in all kinds of CNC Router machine. 3) There are water cooling spindle , air cooling spindle and self cooling spindle for your choose. 4) Every spindle motor must be passed polishing process, Improve spindle concentricity to increase motor working life.
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WP145A-ISO30 9KW 24000RPM 380V/220(3~)V 800HZ 23A cnc atc wood router spindle motor

The body is made of Aluminum extrusion profile with good heat treatment strength and can radiate heat well via many outside fins, which effectively reduce the heat of the motor. Especially the German made axial flow fan is used at the end of its body and greatly improves the heat radiation.


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Applicable Industries:cnc machinery

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Brand Name:EEJA

Model Number:WP145A

Maximum Torque:7.16nm


Max Frequency:800Hz

Max Speed::24000Rpm


Max currency::17A


Tool force:2900N


Encoder:Sine-Cosine 1VPP(Optional)

Vibration Value:≤0.8

Machining material::all kinds of steels, and some aluminum



Application:truning, milling, drilling, boring, for CNC machine to truning, milling , engraving

Applicable industry

WP145A is one short arm woodworking machine who widely used in CNC machine tools with wood and plastic engraving.




Packaging & Shipping
  1. Packing: Wooden box, corrugated paper box, etc. Package Type:
    Strong enough for sea,air transport.

   2:Shipping:We can deliver it to the place where the customer wants to go.

   Why choose us

  1. We are one of the leading manufactures in China specialized in designing,manufacturing and maintenance of spindle motor for years.Our spindle motor have 3-8 years long life working and 12 months warranty.And we have the following advantages:

    First, our steel has been forged under high temperature. Generally, we will put the steel for 2 years of natural aging to release stress and heat energy.

    Secondly, the runout of our spindle rotor is less than 0.001mm, so our spindle service life is generally more than 3 years.

    Thirdly,the wiring of our spindle is copper plated with silver, and the insulation effect is very good.

    Finally,our spindle bearing is after multiple tests, we finally choose the imported bearing FAG/SKF.

    Quality is life,and we sincerely think of our customers.

Motor Power:9.0KWRated voltage:380v(3-)
Max rotate speed:24000RpmMax currency:17A
Max Frequency:800HzTorque:7.16N.M
Cone surface spring at shaft end:≤0.001Tooling Releasing Air curtain:5.6-6.0
Tooling Exchange Method:ATCAir curtain pressure at front end:2.5-3.0kgf/cm2
Tooling Pulling Force:≥2900Tooling Back Air Pressure:2.5-3.2kgf/cm2
Tooling Connection:ISO30Cooling:Water air cooling potional
Encoder:Sine-Cosine 1VPP(Optional)Coolant Pressure:Water air cooling optional
Approach Switch:PNP OnBearing Lubrication Method:Grease
Balance Level:G1Tooling Instalation Method:T slot
Vibration Value≤0.8Weight:24.3KG
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Cnc router spindle 24000rpm 9kw wood router water or air cooled spindle motorThis product is a high-speed engraving CNC machine tool electric spindle with a maximum speed of 24000rpm and a rated power of 9kW. It is mainly used in engraving machines and machining centers. It is specially designed for high-precision milling of various metals and non-metals. It is widely used in production and movement. Screen, tempered glass screen protection, etc.


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