ATC HSK Wood spindle Square Electro Spindle 12KW 24000rmp

ATC HSK Wood spindle Square Electro Spindle 12KW 24000rmp
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ATC HSK Wood spindle Square Electro Spindle 12KW 24000rmp

 DC-145 series spindle motors is specially design to meet the less cost but high precision wood router machinery needed. DECI refer to HSD ES929 design, and improve the spring structure, in case to get more force and higher speed . With low cost and high precision ,the square engraving spindle motor widely applied to CNC machines with engraving function.


 Advance/Features :

  • With HSK collect, help to improve your machine brand reputation.

  •  Reasonable structure desgin ,simple and compact configuration ,easy to take apart.

  •  High precision.high inflexibility ,high efficiency,long operation life.

  •  With high grade size .shape,.position precision,and quality of surface .

  •  Enough abrasive resistance ,vibration resistance,stable size.

  •  Work stable ,low noise,enough fatigue strength

  •  Special design for wood engraving.

  •  Easy to install and less maintance.

  •  With long nose design, you can install dust-blow and other tools




 Motor Power: 12.0KW Rated voltage: 380v(3~)
 Max rotate speed : 24000Rpm/min Max currency: 23A
 Max Frequency: 800Hz Torque: 9.55NM
 Cone surface spring at shaft end: ≤0.001mmTooling Releasing  Air curtain: 5.6-6.0 Kgf/cm²
 Tooling Exchange Method: ATCAir curtain pressure at front end: 2.5~3.0 Kgf/cm²
 Tooling Pulling Force: ≥2900Tooling Back Air Pressure: -
 Tooling Connection: ISO30Cooling: Water air cooling optional
 Encoder: Sine-Cosine 1VPP(Optional)Coolant Pressure: 2.5~3.0 Kgf/cm²
 Approach Switch:PNP OnBearing Lubrication Method: Grease
Balance Level : G1Tooling Instalation Method:T slot
Vibration Value: ≤0.8Weight:28.2kg
wood spindle hsk structure
 Motor property curves  
HSD ES929 hsk

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Square Engraving CNC machine Spindle motor
 Maximum PowerOperating Speed Max FrequencyTooling Exchange MethodTooling ConnectionMaximum TorqueRated voltageMax currencyCooling MethodWeightRemarks
DC-WP145A9.0 KW24000Rmp800HzATCISO307.16 N.M380(3~)V/AC17 AWater/Air23KG 
DC-WP145AH9.0 KW24000Rmp800HzMTCER327.16 N.M380(3~)V/AC17 AWater/Air21.8KG 
DC-WP145B9.0 KW24000Rmp800HzATCISO307.16 N.M380(3~)V/AC17 AWater/Air21.8KGBLOWING FUNCTION
DC-WP145B-HSK63F12 KW24000Rmp800HzATCHSK63F9.55 N.M380(3~)V/AC23 AWater/Air28.2KGBLOWING FUNCTION



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